H.A.R.T. Ministries


In May 2016, we started providing a monthly worship/prayer opportunity in various locations in and around the Kansas City area. Our first, was held at the Embassy Suites near the plaza, in Kansas City. We rented a small conference room and invited all who would come to come and worship the Lord and pray for the city. We had a great experience in worship and had some amazing experiences in prayer. Healing took place on several levels and people who attended, experienced a new level of God's love.


Our next worship is scheduled for the second Saturday of each month at our new location:  2121 S. Sterling Ave, Annex Building, Independence, MO. We will open the doors by 6pm. If you or someone you know, needs prayer, please come by.


Our theme for these worship services is "Journey to the Crystal Sea." The crystal sea reference, comes from the experience that John the Beloved had before the throne of God. Through a series of experiences, we have come to understand this crystal sea to be the weighty presence of the Lord. If we go in only ankle deep, we can look down and still see a clear reflection of "our self". The further in that we wade, we lose that reflection and soon we are consumed in God's weighty presence and the only true reflection, is His image in us. This is our journey, that His true image may be seen through us. Through these worships, we are not trying to gain a following, but rather to revive those who attend to strengthen their relationship with the Lord and follow all of His ways. We pray that these worship experiences will quicken you to a renewed sense of God's  love for you and His desire to bless you and be a blessing through you.


Another upcoming event is our Thursday evening prayer/healing rooms, which opens at 6pm. We will be starting to spend time in focused prayer the second Thursday of each month. We will also be starting healing rooms, and as we get people trained, we will be able to expand the days and times that we are open. 


Until we meet again, watch the following you tube of Graham Cooke sharing about God's great love for us. This is so inspired and we share it often at our worships. We all need to understand God's truest nature better.