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Native Nations Christmas Box Project

Since December 2002, even before H.A.R.T. Ministries existed, most of H.A.R.T.'s present leadership have been organizing a Christmas box ministry to children on the Omaha Nation Reservation. We have served children at both school districts and for the past few years, we have been able to cover both schools from the nursery up through 12th grade.


It has been an amazing and miraculous experience every year, and this past year was no exception. In 2015, a small team set out to the Santee Sioux Reservation, in an effort to expand the Christmas Box Project. It was completely because of God's prompthing that we ventured out in faith to go another 2+ hours northwest to Santee. We were received by the Santee Sioux with open arms and because of God's goodness, we were able to asssemble 184 gifts in the schools parking lots, to give the children from toddler to 8th grade.  This year, because of God's amazing provision, we were able to provide gifts for all of the Santee Sioux children from Daycare through 12th grade. We were also invited this year to Tiospaye Topa School in Ridgeview, South Dakota. We were able to do their entire school as well, bringing our total giving this year (2016) to 1,500 gifts. Coincidentally, our total mileage for delivering these gifts, was a little over 1,500 miles...God is so amazing.


If you are interested in assisting with this worthwhile ministry, please contact us. There are many ways to become involved. Even if you can't put together shoeboxes or donate funds to help us assemble or transport the shoeboxes, then perhaps you could provide prayer support. We pray over every box in hope that these children and their families will be blessed in other ways besides receiving this much needed gift. 


Special thanks to all of our current donors! Keep the blessings flowing! We are seeing the results in the good news coming fromt he reservations, about the strides the children are making in academics and athletics. Thank you God!!