Healing And Restoring Together, Inc.

How we started...


We started as a ministry on the streets of Kansas City, Missouri in 2004. We met 3 days a week to provide meals, clothing & hygiene, prayer, worship, pastoral care, showers, and resource referral. After we lost our building, our desire to provide love, support, prayer and resources for others, never stopped. Instead, we focused on a ministry we had been providing since 2002...the Christmas Box Project. 



We deliver Christmas boxes packed with school supplies, hygiene supplies, snacks, a stocking cap, a pair of gloves, a pair of socks and something fun (age appropriate toy, book &/or craft). For 2020, we delivered over 5,000 gifts to children & youth and about 500 gifts to teachers & administrators. In this year of a pandemic that has hit many reservations pretty hard, we also provided some 3-ply disposable masks and cloth masks.


Our ministry has also expanded to involve supporting Native 

American communities with seeds for gardening, clothing, hygiene, food, medical supplies, and other necessities as needed.


We also do yearly conferences, teaching events, and fundraising events. Our conferences are focused on helping people to grow in their giftedness and faith, so they can have a greater impact on their communities. Our teaching events are focused on helping individuals to learn about what we have done in our ministry and give them tools to start their own ministry. We have done a variety of fundraisers to help raise funds for our Christmas Boxes, including our BINGO for Boxes.